SkyFire Energy – Ludicrous Level Sponsor

SkyFire Energy is Western Canada’s leading solar contractor.  Since 2001, we have designed and installed more than 700 grid tied solar PV systems across 8 provinces and territories. Our 17 years of experience includes the design and installation of hundreds of residential systems and many of the largest and most complex commercial photovoltaic systems in Western Canada.

Besides our passion for solar power there is nothing that gets us more electrified than our love of electric vehicles. As a company we have been interested in the technology for a long time but really began diving deep with the solar powered Tesla Roadster Project we completed in 2011. With that project the light went on about how complementary the two technologies are.  It didn’t hurt that the Roadster owner let our CEO Dave Kelly and COO David Vonesch take it for a drive! Our new solar powered head office in Calgary has both Tesla and non-Tesla EV chargers for public use and so that Dave and Dave can charge their Model X and Fiat 500e at work if needed.

SkyFire is delighted to be a part of the Tesla family and our relationship with Tesla grows each day. We are working directly with Tesla as a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer and are continuing to grow our EV charging business.

SkyFire is delighted to be a sponsor of the Tesla Owners Club of Alberta!

Johnson-Perez Wealth Management – Ludicrous Level Sponsor

The Johnson-Perez Wealth Management Group provide comprehensive and intergenerational strategies for families, organizations, corporations, and individuals who have significant financial resources and recognize the need for long-term financial management. The team delivers much more than stocks – they offer all the right tools for the right circumstances: retirement, education, insurance, and estate strategies as well as investment leadership. Their wealth plan will address your needs now and remain flexible over time as your circumstances change, setting you free to fulfill your life’s mission without financial concerns. Donna Johnson and Katherine Perez also act as your trusted family advisors.

Donna Johnson and Katherine Perez engage their clients in the wealth process, tailor individual portfolios to changing needs and take leadership when appropriate to keep clients on course. They each have unique and complementary skills: Donna provides team leadership and delivers strategic guidance to clients regarding important, long-term decisions that affect their finances over a lifetime. She serves on your family’s “Board of Directors” along with your other trusted advisors such as your accountant, lawyers, and physicians. Her clients value her warmth, wisdom and entrepreneurial spark. Katherine simplifies the complexities of today’s financial world into smart strategies that matter to you and your family. In staying connected to clients, she ensures that the team adapts to your changing needs. Her clients have enjoyed long-term collaboration, respect and counsel.

To get more information, see their brochure, visit their website, or talk to one of our Tesla club board members for more info.

Aviva Canada – Ludicrous Level Sponsor

Aviva Canada is now a proud sponsor of the Tesla Owners Club of Alberta (TOCA). Aviva is one of the leading property and casualty insurance groups in the country providing home, automobile, leisure/lifestyle and business insurance to more than three million customers. A wholly-owned subsidiary of UK-based Aviva plc, the company has more than 4,000 employees focused on creating a bright and sustainable future for its customers and its communities.

InsureMyTesla powered by Aviva is a comprehensive insurance plan developed in cooperation with Tesla. Designed specifically for Tesla cars, InsureMyTesla enhances the owner experience with several unique benefits. Learn more at www.tesla.avivainsurance.ca.

Member Benefits

 InsureMyTesla powered by Aviva is a comprehensive insurance plan developed in cooperation with Tesla and designed specifically for Tesla cars. InsureMyTesla enhances the owner experience with the following benefits:

  • Automatic Emergency Braking Discounts
  • Comprehensive coverage for accidental loss or damage
  • Wall Connector coverage
  • Full glass coverage, including Tesla Panoramic Roof
  • Replacement key fobs if lost or damaged
  • Further discounts when insuring multiple vehicles or home along with your Tesla (multi-vehicle and multi-policy discounts)
  • New car replacement should your Tesla vehicle become a total loss (Optional endorsement up to 60 months)

To get a quote, visit www.tesla.avivainsurance.ca or call 1 844 477 7800.

Refine Auto Salon – Ludicrous Level Sponsor

Refine Automotive Salon brings stellar auto detailing to the car enthusiasts of Calgary and the surrounding areas. A Canadian-owned business with professional certification, we care about doing the best job to protect and preserve your vehicle and keeping it looking its best. Specializing in luxury sport vehicles, we have a reputation for superior workmanship and dedication to our customers – when you take your vehicle to us, you know it will be in good hands. Refine Auto Salon offers a variety of tinting and detailing services for Tesla owners designed to fit your individual needs.

To get more information, visit refinesalon.com or talk to one of our Tesla club board members for more info.

Interested in Being a Sponsor?

Established in early 2016, The Tesla Owners Club of Alberta (“TOCA”) is an official member of the Tesla Motors’ “Owners Club” program. As of August 2018, There are over 500 Tesla vehicles on the roads in Alberta and with the release of the Model 3 vehicle, we anticipate enormous growth of the Tesla brand in Alberta.

The club organizes several events throughout the year – some more formal events such as our Annual BBQ and the AGM, and other informal meetups or show & shine events throughout the year.  Primarily based in Calgary and Edmonton, events are generally held in the two major cities as well as the Tesla Service Centre or Store and at Alberta Supercharger locations in Canmore, Cross Iron Mills, Red Deer and Fort MacLeod (near Lethbridge).

Support of the Tesla Owners Club of Alberta provides sponsors with an opportunity to raise awareness of their product or brand to a unique demographic of individuals.  We host 3-4 formal events each year where sponsors can have an opportunity to set-up a table or booth and network directly with TOCA members.  Additionally, we have a strong online presence using our website, direct email communications, and social networking.

Sponsorship packages are available upon request, contact us today to discuss your needs and how the Tesla Owners Club of Alberta can help you or your organization!

Please contact info@teslaownersalberta.com for more details.